vending machine dreams original poetry by mjr

vending machine dreams

“you took the words right out my mouth” must become
“you took the words from under my thumbs”
here’s a screenshot of an evening run
lets just communicate in memes and be done

here’s a moment an hour in the makin
here’s some shoes to prove i’m not fakin
meals prepped don’t care how they’re tastin
time in wait you just see as time wasted

you look but don’t see enough’s not enough
there’s a queue and it’s all push and shove
you want it all and to all hurry up
no time to think what they have’s what you want

so paint on a smile when inside you’re breakin
your words are still but your hands wont stop shakin
crop that out where the wallpapers flaking
filter out what they say is outdated

don’t you see?

this will all fall apart in the wash
its disposable non refundable its here then its gone
it’s binary glitering 0’s and 1’s to bits it is shot
dont bother to fix it just get a new one

see i don’t want hands that are clean
i want scars i want foreplay and tease
i wanna roll up my sleeves
i wanna see the blood as i bleed

what you think of me is dead to me
i don’t want no quick release
i found belief in the cheap seats
you’re pitch side lost at sea

so fuck this clickbait disease celebrities and selfies
fuck the politicians and their cheese
fuck the media sleaze they’ve nothing that i need
and fuck you too still half asleep

you can keep

your vending machine dreams.


- mjr

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