some endless sea

is it set in the concrete
or tossed on the breeze with the leaves
are we tied to the tracks with no going back
or floating lost here on some endless sea

does it come with a receipt
or found at the side of the street
is it fait that is that the cards are stacked
or do we groove to our own melody

is it just set to repeat
a race for a prize we don’t need
are we slaves to the past living between cracks
a thousand locks but you can’t find a key

in the dark there is retreat
the devils here tucked up my sleeve
bittersweet it won’t last sold as seen turned fast
but you’re wrong if you think times a thief

can we not just hit delete
turn the tables bring your own seat
are we lost in some trap running wheels like rats
or digging tracks somewhere way off the piste

are you fixed up to receive
or ready to chase what you seek
will the weight push you back or focus your path
through broken glass you must crawl just to be

if we doubt we can believe
the dark makes it easy to sleep
light your place see the map and attempt the math
don’t pack your bags so heavy you can’t leave

ride the tides and you compete
hypnotised and you stay un seen
double dates troubled past one more maniac
don’t think you won’t need to enter a plea

are we floating on some endless sea
or drowning in possibility

- mjr

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