is this all that there is? original poetry by mjr

is this all that there is?

bring me the moon on a stick
i wanna take a piece for my kids
pull down the castles and share out the bricks
stick on a magnet stick em on ya fridge
soon to be dusty but it could hold a list
a thing to remember that which no longer exists
is this all that there is?

bring me low and slow but i want it quick
bring me enough to make me sick
bring me john paul smiths essence of dick
on the way to the gym i take the lift
and was i even there if i didn’t check in
one second of peace and i develop a twitch
is this all that there is?

assumed opinions proclaimed in a blink
cause it’s too much effort to stop and think
and i’ve only one nose to pick
and if i don’t check my timeline what’s the point in a shit
a selfie in the bathroom gives worth to a piss
always order the most photogenic drink
is this all that there is?

it’s a fix we’re chasing tails that don’t exist
and we’ll live stream as we sink
for the glittering gold they left just passed the brink
we’d cash in our souls just to queue to get in
we’ll vlog on the train need it quicker than quick
we’ll find a way to keep squeezing it in
is this all that there is?

we’re each our own priest and we’ll dance for a click
can we think on our feet what traffic will it bring
what’s the best way to format this thought i’m having…
five times you write and delete everything
we’re swamped in fake news and vacant clickbait links
pirates of time and we invite them all in
is this all that there is?

- mjr

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