even the leaves

blending reflections of me
from the shards of this brawl
into something you see
hanging on a wall

for every second we bleed
through the darkness we crawl
with the liars and thieves
the fakes and the frauds

so paint your grass a new green
for a moment lived short
or use seed and routine
for full overhaul

tuned to darkness by greed
with our hope overdrawn
wasted tied up being free
rattling chains we bought

to really see we must seek
find and decode the scrawl
is it there up your sleeve
with dreams you ignore

for we must dig and dig deep
then climb high over walls
if it’s built for the sea
its dead if its moored

for life sends questions that breed
don't be drowned by them all
because even the leaves
don't know why they fall

and if all this is to tease
from which glass was it poured
when you’re down on your knees
in the darkest storms

blue skies are born


- mjr

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